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Children Worship & Wonder Training Event

Friday Aug 14 - Saturday Aug 15

Winston-Salem, NC

For More Info Contact Church Office

Children Worship & Wonder is a worship service for preschool and elementary age children.  This service is held Sunday mornings at 9:30, during the normal Bible Fellowship hour.  This service for the First Baptist Church Weekday Preschool is held during their weekday school hours.  It is a complete worship service including songs, a biblical story, a hands-on-response time with the story, sharing a feast, and receiving a blessing.  The service is based on the teaching of Dr. Maria Montesorri, who understood that even the youngest children worship God and wonder about God.

Children Worship & Wonder offers an exciting way to approach faith formation with children.  The approach recognizes children as spiritual beings who already have a relationship with God.

Through Children Worship & Wonder, children learn about God as they experience God.  They hear Bible stories in a way that allows them to enter into the stories and form responses out of their own life experiences.  A wide age range can be grouped together in one class.  It is a Montessori influenced program that often works wonders with children who have attention deficit problems.

Children may begin participation in the worship service during any Sunday.  At the beginning of each year an orientation is offered for parents and children.  Each "Children Worship Center" is served by an adult "storyteller" and an adult "greeter."  These adults and others are available at the close of worship for a tour of the center and to answer questions.

If you would be interested in this service for your child, or would like more information, please the church office.


    109 Morrow Avenue | Monroe, NC 28112
    PH: 704.283.8534
    8:30 - 5:00 Monday-Thursday
    8:30 - 4:00 Friday